Herbert Merrick


Initiated in Forsyth Lodge #546 in Forsyth Missouri in 1974, have attended lodges around the world during 23 years of military service. Upon arriving in Fort Leavenworth, I joined Hancock Lodge #311 serving as its master in 2004 and again in 2009. I have served the Grand Lodge in a number of positions and committees. I have also been a member of the Eastern Star since 1975 and the York Rite and Shrine since 1989, joined the Armed Forces Scottish Rite in 1996. Masonic interests range from the history of the craft and its members, particular those in Kansas. But, also have written and spoke on symbolism and leadership and management of local lodges.


Convergence: The Historical Interaction of the Masonic Fraternity- 45 hour Key early Kansas Masons 15-30 minutes Br. John H. Atwood 19th Century Masonic Leader 15 minutes Br. Edmond Ross Courage of a Kansas Mason 15 minutes Roots of Symbolism 1 and 2 15 minutes each Plants as Masonic Symbolism 15 minutes Kansas Medal of Honor Masons (4 different lectures) 15 minutes. Times are minimums these can all be longer and I have others.

Availability (In Person or Virtual): Both

For booking contact: hmerrick@kc.rr.com

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