KSLOR Supports Member Data Archival Project

Dylan Sweyko-Kuhlman, Grand Lodge Library & Museum Archivist, has a large archival project for which he is asking KSLOR assistance.  This project is is two phases: Scan retired member cards as pictures then transcribe the data so it can be stored as text and searched.

Phase 1 (Scan) – This part must be done on the scanning machine at the Grand Lodge building in Topeka.  There are over 430,000 cards the need to be scanned.  The work is simply taking cards from the file cards from the drawer, scanning them into a computer, and returning the card back to the file.  On average, 500 cards can be scanned in a typical hour of volunteer work.  We are currently in Phase 1.

Phase 2 (Transcribe) – This part can be done remotely and takes more effort.  Once there are enough cards scanned, this process will be kicked off.  More details on complexity, process, and number of volunteers needed will be provided later in the year.

Volunteers Needed.  As a member of KSLOR, please consider volunteering your time at the Grand Lodge Library and Museum and expediting Phase 1 of this project.

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