More a Research Society than a Lodge

Alex Powers addresses Leadership Academy

Coming of fresh from the Aug 25 Refresh session, Bro. Alex Powers, Director, Kansas Lodge of Research, provided an overview of the new energy and “innovations” being made to KSLOR to make it useful, relevant, and accessible.

The reboot supports the previously established goals:Research-Publish-Speak.  Grand Lodge suspended the bylaws so the new leadership could re-launch without having to trod over the same dusty ground as previous administrations.  New focus will be on events, social campaigns, Facebook activity, changing the name to Masonic Research Society, changing the dues structure, and adding emphasis in preservation.  Non-Kansas Masons may now be members.

“The key to success of our Research Society is participation.  That’s why we are providing a substantial incentive for contributors.”   Bro. Alex Powers

Dues are $50 but can be significantly reduced for contributors.  One Research Paper in a year or a day’s preservation work at the lodge will give you “academic credit” equivalent to $40 bring dues down to $10 (former amount).  Mechanics of the academic credit is still being worked out.

If you don’t want to be involved in research, why are you joining the Lodge of Research?”  Alex Powers in response to those who want to be a member of KSLOR but don’t  want to contribute.

To join, click on Membership and follow the instructions.  A paper is required, but, as Alex explains, the Society is looking for a basic paper, not a sequel to Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma.  It should be current research.  The minimum standard is one page.  A great place to start is your own lodge: Who was your first Master?  What has your lodge done lately that needs to be recorded (beyond what is in your lodge minutes)?  There are a lot of great places to start your research.

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