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*Notice: To join the Kansas Lodge of Research you must be a member in good standings of either the Grand Lodge of Kansas or another Grand Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of Kansas.

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**Dues Guidelines:

Dues will be due after your membership application has been Accepted.

KSLOR dues as stated are set at a rate of $50.00 However, you may obtain an Academic Credit of $40.00 by meeting annual academic requirements before the end of December which will make your following years dues only $10.00.

New members: we do require a One Page minimum Masonic research paper to be submitted for approval prior to granting you membership into KSLOR.  This paper upon approval will count towards your Academic Credit therefore all new accepted members will only owe $10.00 for their first year of membership. You can continue to apply for the Academic Credit each year following.

**Paper submission guidelines:

Your research paper should be at minimum, one page in length.  At this time we have rather loose guidelines for this paper submission but we ask that you just give us your best work and do not wrong or defraud us as Brothers in this process. We are looking for a Current piece, original to you, and Masonic in nature.  We are not expecting you to be the next Pike here by any means. The purpose behind this is purely to judge that you’re in the right place and willing to do the work.