Membership Renewal for 2018

Step 1.  Ensure you are on a secure page.

If you do not see the https:// before the URL for this page or the lock symbol that indicates that this is a secure page that will encrypt your credit card information CLICK THIS.

Step 2. Fill out the Information Card.

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Kansas Grand Lodge Member Number {on your dues card} (required)

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Step 3. Pay the $10.00 Dues

For your convenience, we provide an online payment method, which will save you the cost of a stamp, envelope and waiting, but we need to pass on a $0.61 processing fee which is what we are charged by the credit card company. To save the fee, write a check payable to “Kansas Lodge of Research” and mail to Kansas Lodge of Research, 2113 E 26th St. Terr, Lawrence, KS 66046.

Membership is required to obtain or maintain web site credentials to see electronic holdings and Membership materials.

Dues are $10 US annually payable at the beginning of the year and are not prorated.  Your payment goes toward the operation and extraordinary work of your Kansas Lodge of Research.  Membership is growing.  Payment by check can be done by special arrangement.  Please follow the instructions on this page.  You should get confirmation messages when you successfully complete steps 2 and 3.  If you have questions or issues, please contact us at .

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