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KSLOR Virtual Education

It can be tough gathering a membership from across the state and beyond for events. KSLOR is bridging that gap by stepping into the future offering Virtual Education Events exclusive to KSLOR membership. You will now have the opportunity to join in for fantastic educational topics from vetted presenters from […]

More a Research Society than a Lodge

Coming of fresh from the Aug 25 Refresh session, Bro. Alex Powers, Director, Kansas Lodge of Research, provided an overview of the new energy and “innovations” being made to KSLOR to make it useful, relevant, and accessible. The reboot supports the previously established goals:Research-Publish-Speak.  Grand Lodge suspended the bylaws so […]

August 25, 2018 BBQ Lunch & Lecture

***Registration for this event has closed*** From Whence Came You?  Colonial Freemasonry Lecture KSLOR is kicking off the new season with BBQ and a Special Guest presenting a lecture on Colonial Freemasonry that is not to miss.  For every 1776 history tale, there is a Masonic back story.  Come hear about several of the […]

KSLOR Reboot

Dear Scholarly Brethren, As you may have heard there have been some changes made to the overall structure of the Kansas Lodge of Research.  We are undergoing a full REBOOT to maximize the value of KSLOR to the Craft as a whole.  These changes will be revealed to you very […]

Kansas Masonic Online Collection

Mr. Dylan Sweyko-Kuhlman, Archivist of our Kansas Masonic Library and Museum, provided an update about our online collection to the annual meeting of the Kansas Lodge of Research (KSLOR) in Topeka on Thursday, March 15, 2018.   As a reminder, KSLOR is the group that made the online collection possible through […]