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Copyright and Digitization. A fast look-up of dates of published items that are now in the public domain.

Table of Copyright Expiry.   Look for current year and then across to see when the U.S. copyrighted of works has expired and become part of the public domain.

Copyright Topics. Articles indexed at the American Library Association pertaining to copyrights.

Legal Issues to Consider When Digitizing Collections by Jean Helig is a PDF document which is a concise list of considerations and links to discussions about legal issues on digitization.

Copyrights and Libraries.  This is a lengthy listing of topics and links to articles that describe legal considerations around copyrights from Library Law.

Copyright issues facing early stages of digitization projects by Dr. Eleonora Rosati of the Mobile Collections Project is a PDF document and a good read for anyone who wants to assist with the Grand Lodge Library digitization project.

Thanks to Bro. Michael Snively who found these resources for KSLOR.