Historical Light – Illuminates Our Past

One of our brothers and fellow members of the Kansas Lodge of Research is doing his part to ignite the Masonic Explorer in all of us.  I recommend frequently checking Historical Light, a Masonic show devoted to illumination our past hosted by Brother Alex Powers, Worshipful Master of Gardner Lodge #65.  About twice monthly, Bro Alex provides a very insightful look at a historical aspect of our beloved fraternity.  I think you, too, will enjoy this perspective provided with video and narrative.

Alex has a great philosophy with his site, “There are so many tales to be told between our Buildings, Members, Events, and Family History.  With this show, we aim to share, preserve, and Honor these memories for years to come.  See: http://www.historicallight.com

Sample page from Historicallight.com hosted by Bro. Alex Powers.

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