Kyle G. Ferlemann


Kyle G. Ferlemann is a 25 year Mason who has dedicated years to Masonic education, research, and esoteric study. He is a member and Past Master (2015) of Golden Rule Lodge #90 in Topeka Kansas. He served as a District Deputy Grand Master for District 16 of Area 6 of the Grand Lodge of Kansas in 2018. As a member of the Scottish Rite he holds the honor of Knight Commander of the Court of Honor, is a Knight of the Royal Order of Scotland, and a Graduate of the College of the Consistory, Valley of Guthrie, OK. He has written many books on a variety of subjects including “The Bridge Builder’s Guide” which provides an in-depth description and analysis of the degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry. An accomplished speaker, he provides instructive, informative, and entertaining engagements on a variety of Masonic subjects.

Presentation Names, description and length

The Mathematics of the Apron (15-30 Minutes) The Hidden Secrets of the Penalties (15-30 Minutes) VITRIOL (30-45 Minutes) The Stars of the Lodge (30-45 Minutes) J&B, The Pillars of Heaven (1 hour) Masonic Mentorship and Education Programs workshop (1 Hour) Other subjects upon request

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