I am a Speaker

I_am_a_Speaker-Button_edited-2We are looking for Brother Masons who are versed on a Masonic topic that that is of interest and value to audiences inside and/or outside of the Craft, and are willing to speak to that audience if agreeable arrangements can be made.  In order to to best serve audiences in search of Masonic Speakers, speakers who wish to be listed as part of the Kansas Lodge of Research Speakers Bureau must compile a dossier.  The dossier contains a short biographical sketch and other information that helps potential audiences know your availability, your works, your qualifications for speaking on the topic, your proximity to the speaking venue, and your requirements for travel and presentation.

Dossier Contents
Bio: Background, qualifications, publications, memberships
Topics with target audience indicator and set-up, if required
Contact information
Days Available
Travel limitations and mileage
Remuneration requirements
Ratings by audience surveys