Writing Enablement

Putting Pen to Paper

Authoring resources
for Kansas Masons

  •  Kansas Lodge of Research Writer’s Guide – use this to prepare manuscripts for publication (including Kansas Mason magazine).
  • Style Guide for KMF Templates for Kansas Lodge Newsletters
    submissions (need author)
  • Writer’s Discussion Groups [blog]
    – to talk about topics, writers, writing, and publishing Masonic essays. (future part of this web site – to be developed)
  • Writer’s Support Group [conference calls]
    – to assist writers in overcoming specific issues where real-time feedback is needed from our best authors. (to be scheduled)
  • Schedule of Deadlines
    KSLOR-sponsored articles for Kansas Mason magazine
    – February 27, 2015 for the April 2015 edition.
    Send articles to: articles@kslor.org
    Include: Your name, phone number, how you want the article published (online, Kansas Mason, Lodge Newsletter template, etc.)
    Make your Subject: KSLOR: Article Submission