Early Publication of Grand Lodge Proceedings
Early Publication of Grand Lodge Proceedings

Publish.  While the purpose of researching is to answer questions and explore the Masonic universe, KSLOR will encourage the capture of the explorer’s findings as publishable articles with distribution to the Craft. The vision is to get so many Kansas Masons writing that we need to begin our own quarterly publication, Kansas Journal of Masonic Research, to handle the demand.  The Journal will be at the quality level to rival the best publications such as those from Philalethes and Masonic Society.   The Journal, however, will cater to the everyday Mason who wishes to become more knowledgeable and engaged within his own lodge.   KSLOR will be looking for peer articles that talk about items of interest to the wider body of Masons and not complex or obscure aspects of interest only to a few.  KSLOR wishes to encourage budding authors to take on the challenge of writing and will assist them in getting the best works published.  The first series of works are being published now in The Kansas Mason magazine.

How to get engaged.  Find a niche or area of curiosity.  Research and write about it.  Share it with others.  The mysteries of Freemasonry purposely pose challenges to us all.  Each of us can devote a lifetime to study and never fully unravel its windings.    Yet, the pursuit itself can provide great fulfillment.  Surely, you’ve asked yourself why we do some of the things we do or say some of the things we say in our esoteric work.  Can’t get a straight answer?  Make it your mission to find the answer, write about it, then share your findings.  Kansas Lodge of Research will help you along the way.

Writing Enablement. Once you decide to ‘put pen to paper’, see our Writing Enablement section for guidelines and templates.

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