I need a Speaker

I_am_looking_for_a_Speaker-Button_edited-2Venues. The Speaker’s Bureau links speakers with those who are seeking a speaker on Masonic topics.  Topics with a green box means that speaker can present the topic to a non-Masonic audience.  Topics with a red box means that the topic can be presented only in a tiled lodge.  The number in the red box indicates the lowest degree that the lodge must be typed to presentation of the topic.

Audience Certification. Kansas Masonic Lodges, Grand Lodge entities, and Appendant Bodies can request speakers without being certified.  Certified audiences are given priority and require no vetting prior to the scheduling of a speaker.  All other audiences will require a certification prior to be able to schedule a speaker.  Every audience will be rated.  Those who have a 5 rating will require (re)certification prior to scheduling a speaker.

Search by Speaker Shows a list of all available speakers by name.  Select name to see each speaker’s dossier.
Search by Topic Lists topical areas.  Click each topical area to see speakers certified to speak on those topics.  Click speaker name to see speaker’s dossier.
Search by Masonic Area Lists speakers by their home Masonic Area (1 through 10).  Gives you a geographical view of who is available in your Area.
Search by Availability Shows calendar view of available speakers by date.  Click mini-icon to see the speaker’s dossier.