Virtual Ed

Interested in the Kansas Lodge of Research?
Have you heard the buzz about “Virtual Ed”?

Virtual Ed is a bi-monthly program hosted by the Kansas Lodge of Research for members to join in virtually for an evening of exceptional educational lectures in a convenient and modern means with guest lectures from across the state, country, and globe. If you are not a member currently and this sounds like a good fit for your Masonic experience then we urge you to consider joining the Kansas Lodge of Research.

Upcoming Events
2020 / 2021 Schedule

March 10   – 7:00cst
Presenter: Michael Poll
Topic: The Scottish Rite Craft Degrees

May 12 – 7:00cst
Presenter: Mikel Stoops
Topic: The Future of Lodge and Grand Lodges

July 14th – 7:00cst
Presenter: Scott Bratsen
Topic: Freemasonry in Nazi Germany 

Sept 8th – 7:00cst
Presenter: Patrick Craddock
Topic: Admit Him If Properly Clothed – The Evolution of the Masonic Apron in America – 1740 to Present

Nov 10th – 7:00cst
Presenter: Herb Merrick
Topic: TBD

Jan 12th – 7:00cst
Presenter: Jon Ruark
Topic: The Revolution: A Critical Analysis of Masonic Demographics

March 9th – 7:00cst
Presenter: TBD
Topic: TBD