Virtual Ed

After KSLOR rebooted in 2018 our membership was opened up to other Masonic Jurisdictions. With that in mind there was a need to offer value in membership to our non local members as well as finding a way to better serve our existing state wide membership, thus KSLOR Virtual Ed was born. This is a bi monthly program open to all KSLOR members in which we host exceptional education lectures virtually in a convenient and modern means with guest lectures from across the state, country, and globe. If you are not a member currently and this sounds like a good fit for your Masonic experience then we urge you to consider becoming a Fellow of the Kansas Lodge of Research.

Upcoming Event

August 27th at 7:00pm CST
Lecturer: Robert Marshall

This month our very own Bro. Robert Marshall will be speaking on the Masonic connections and history with the 1969 Moon landing and the Masonic Lodge that was chartered in honor of it.

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