KSLOR to Meet November 5th in Topeka

The Fall Meeting of the Kansas Lodge of Research will immediately follow the closing of the annual Leadership Conference on November 5. The location will be announced during the conference, but it will be held at the Conference Hotel (Crown Plaza at Topeka Boulevard and 17th Street in Topeka). This is the first meeting since Grand Lodge met in March. KSLOR members should LOG IN and then review the Consent Agenda and Proposal.

Your officers have been busy working on several initiatives, including the revision of the Candidate Handbooks to bring them into the 21st Century and make them useful in the mentoring process, as well as the development of a functional speakers bureau. Further, several articles have been included in the pages of the Kansas Mason, but most of the onus of that effort has fallen on Herb Merrick, Chair of the Publications Committee — we need research articles from the members to maintain the pace of publication.

We have also become involved in working with the Grand Archivist to undertake several projects to digitize membership and administrative records of the Grand Lodge from its earliest years. These initiatives will be discussed during the meeting and opportunities for all members to become involved will be reviewed.

Finally, the Grand Lodge Library and Archives have requested the assistance of the KSLOR in the acquisition of archive specific software to modernize the record keeping in inventory management of the brotherhood. The second attachment presents information on this request and will be presented by PGM Rick Reichert.
The Grand Archivist has been invited to join us to answer questions about each of the items under his area of expertise.

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Pencil KSLOR on your Calendar for Nov 5th

KSLOR leadership recently met and is contemplating a Stated Meeting for the membership in conjunction with Leadership Academy VI which will take place the weekend of Saturday, November 5th.  Please check back soon for specific plans, location, and agenda.  Thanks for your patience while we regroup.  KSLOR will be at Leadership Academy so look for our table.

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KSLOR Spring Meeting Cancellation Notice

Owing to conflicts with the Western Kansas Grand Masters Reception and a number of graduation ceremonies scheduled for Saturday, as well the low response rate for the pre-registrations, the Kansas Lodge of Research Meeting scheduled for this coming Saturday in Abilene has been postponed until a later date to be announced.

The summer meeting remains scheduled for August 13, location to be determined.  Please assure that that event is on your calendar.

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Draft Minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting for Review

KSLOR-20160317-Minutes-CoverBrothers,  The draft minutes of the Annual Meeting are ready for your review so that they may be approved at the May 21st meeting.  The minutes are in the Members area so you’ll need to sign in before they are visible to you.

Also available is the Consent Agenda for the May 21st Meeting at Brookville Hotel in Abilene.KSLOR-20160521-Cover-Consent_Agenda

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Master Publishes 2016 Goals for KSLOR


2016 Goals for KSLOR

Click the document to see some goals that I would like for KSLOR to achieve in 2016.  Also there are ideas that I had for KSLOR to explore and / or implement.

Michael R Snively

This document is available to the general public.

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Cable Tow Question for Discussion

Brothers,  I received an email with a question that was asked by a brother through the Grand Lodge web site.

There seems to be much symbolism in the use of the cabletow, but I have begun to wonder, what is the correct length of the cabletow? It has been interesting to see the symbology of it, but is there a specified length of it?

                                 Where do I find that answer?

KSLOR members:  Please log in and post your response.  If you forgot your credentials, please reset your password.


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Copyrights and Legal Issues

CopyrightAt our August 29, 2015 KSLOR gathering in Emporia, Bro. Michael Snively, SW provided his research about copyrights and legal issues.  Several side discussions could be heard during dinner about how we need to protect our intellectual capital and how we must ensure we honor the rights of others when using their works as our references.

Please click the (c) symbol or go to our Copyrights page for a list of links that has information on copyright and legal issues to consider when digitizing collections.  It is imperative that we do the right things to properly mark and safeguard our materials while at the same time getting the proper permissions or making citations when using the work of others in our publications.

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